Vision Statement

Kalum Ventures Ltd. is a First Nations company fully owned and operated for the benefit of Kitsumkalum Band membership. KVL will engage in economic development projects and businesses that will provide meaningful employment and where necessary, training. KVL will carry out all operations in a business like fashion and all operations will be conducted in a culturally sensitive manner.


  1. To establish and operate a company that will engage in economic development opportunities that are consistent with the vision statement.
  2. To enter into partnerships with government and business creating opportunities beneficial to KVL and Kitsumkalum members.
  3. To project a positive business image and conduct business with the local community and neighbouring First Nations.


  1. To improve the quality of life for the Kitsumkalum people by providing economic opportunities and or meaningful employment.
  2. To aggressively enter the economic community of the Pacific Northwest and create positive opportunities through KVL.
  3. Make money.
  4. Respectfully honour the cultural existence of the Tsimshian peoples and especially the Kitsumkalum by operating in a culturally sensitive manner.

Kalum Ventures Ltd. Partnership

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Terrace BC                    Toll-Free: 1.888.635.8060
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