With a desire for economic prosperity and employment opportunities Kitsumkalum pursued a venture that became the economic arm of the Kitsumkalum Band. In August of 2004 Kalum Ventures Ltd. came to fruition after months of planning and discussion. Kalum’s need for a forest license holder was ultimately the deciding factor in KVL’s existence.

In January of 2004 KVL signed a Forest and Range Agreement with the Province of British Columbia, thus inviting Kitsumkalum to apply for a forest license. In July of 2004 Kitsumkalum was awarded 400,000m3 of wood to harvest within their traditional territory over a five year term.

KVL was incorporated in August of 2004. Kalum Ventures Ltd. had the honor of developing the first forest license in the Northwest of any First Nations community. In December of 2004 KVL applied for and received their first forest license with the assistance of Northwest Timberlands.

KVL then established a working relationship with Cypress Forest Consultants and Main Logging. Cypress provided, and still provides, assistance with cut block layout design, engineering, GIS, site plans, reviews, and cutting permit readiness.

In January of 2005 KVL’s first two blocks were engineered by Cypress at South Douglas (CP1) and Little Cedar North (CP2). Main Logging then began harvesting and falling in April of 2005. KVL has since managed and harvested 13 cutting permits.

August 2014 marked KVL's 10th Anniversary. Read about this celebration in KVL's newsletter and find a history of material on the communications page.

Kalum Ventures Ltd. Partnership

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