With a desire for economic prosperity and employment opportunities Kitsumkalum pursued a venture that became the economic arm of the Kitsumkalum Band. In August of 2004 Kalum Ventures Limited Partnership came to fruition after months of planning and discussion. Kalum’s need for a forest license holder was ultimately the deciding factor in Kalum Ventures Limited’s existence.

In January of 2004, the Kitsumkalum Band signed a Forest and Range Agreement with the Province of British Columbia, thus inviting Kitsumkalum to apply for a forest license. In July of 2004, Kitsumkalum was awarded 400,000m3 of timber to harvest within part of their traditional territory over ten years.

Once the original licenses were complete, Kalum Ventures Ltd Partnership applied for and was awarded two new  licenses. One provides for harvest of approximately 14,554m3 per year within Kitsumkalum Traditional Territory in the Kalum Timber Supply Area over a 20 year term. The other license allows harvesting of 28,891m3 from Kitsumkalum territory within Tree Farm License #1 over a 10 year term.

Over the years, KVL has established a working relationship with Westland Resources Ltd, who works with our staff to provide assistance with cut block design, forest engineering, mapping and analysis, silviculture planning, cutting permit preparation , forest operations and reforestation activities.

We have also built relationships with local logging companies like Long’s Logging Ltd, who share our high safety and environmental standards and who know how to deliver the right logs to the right place at the right time.

KVL has pioneered different ways of managing our forests from developing the first Forest Stewardship Plan for a First Nation in BC(2005), to developing selection harvesting system to avoid clearcutting of younger forests (2012-present), to bringing in helicopters for logging in sensitive areas (2020).

In December of 2020, KVL signed a long term fibre supply agreement with Skeena Sawmills (a local sawmill in Terrace). This will help strengthen both companies and is good for the social and economic communities within the greater Terrace area.

As of January 2021, Kalum Ventures Limited Partnership has now harvested to date a total of 39 cutting permits.

August 2021 marks KVL’s 17th year in business and achievement of which all Kitsumkalum people can be proud. KVL looks forward to many more years of continued success in forest industry.

You can read more about our history on the communications page.

Kalum Ventures Ltd. Partnership

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