Forest Stewardship Plan

A Forest Stewardship Plan describes the strategies and results that will be applied on the Plan area to ensure consistency with the objectives set by government for critical forest values.

A Forest Stewardship Plan shows what land will be managed. Blocks or roads are not shown on the plan: instead, the FSP provides strategies and results that describe what will be done so that forest values (fish, wildlife, water, soils, timber, biodiversity, cultural heritage, and visual quality) are managed. As long as the strategies and results are followed, work can go ahead.

The plan has to be approved by the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO). The actual work in the forest is also reviewed by the Ministry of FLNRO to check that the plan is followed.

The FSP covers the traditional territory of Kitsumkalum, and applies to forest management under two forest tenures awarded to Kitsumkalum as part of a Forest and Range Agreement between the Government of BC and the Kitsumkalum First Nation.

Kitsumkalum’s Traditional Use Study plays an important role in the FSP. The TUS was researched and recorded by the Tsimshian First Nations communities of Kitsumkalum and Kitselas. The study documents all places of cultural importance in the territories. Places like fishing spots, plant gathering locations, and hunting grounds were marked on maps and recorded in computer databases for future reference. More places of importance included places with names, special histories and past and present village locations.

When we are made aware of a group’s desire to use land or resources in the traditional territory, we can refer to the TUS information to help us decide how to respond to their requests.

KVL’s FSP has been conducted to ensure that KVL has a better understanding of Kitsumkalum’s territories in order to carry out responsible forestry practices by respecting and preserving the rich histories of the Tsimshian First Nation.

KVL’s Forest Stewardship Plan was originally approved in July of 2005. There have been several amendments since then, the most notable being the incorporation of the Kalum Sustainable Resource Management Plan (SRMP), and the addition of two new forest tenures. Further amendments will occur as necessary, for example to reflect improved silviculture practices, new wildlife habitat areas, or the outcomes of the Treaty process.


KVL & KFLP Joint FSP September 2020

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