Engineering & Permitting

Kalum Ventures has harvested close to 400,000 cubic meters on over 40 different cutting authorities. We continue to assess and evaluate potential harvesting opportunities that will meet with the goals and objectives of our company and shareholders.

The planning, development and permitting of timber harvesting starts at the Forest Stewardship Plan, and continues with on-the-ground reconnaissance of potential harvesting areas to confirm their ecological, social, and economic conditions and potential for forest development. Once the potential area has been determined to meet the values of the mission statement of Kalum Ventures and our shareholders, we proceed to the next step of forest engineering and permitting. Forest engineering is when the harvest block and associated roads are designed and located in the field. Additional ecological information, assessments and field data are conducted at this time to fully assess the compliance with the regulatory and ecological commitments made by our company. We also discuss the area with Kitsumkalum Treaty Office to ensure that our plans are informed by Traditional Use information.

Once the field work confirms that development can proceed, we prepare the necessary permit applications, which are submitted to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations. The Ministry then will consult with affected First Nations for comment on Traditional Use and the impacts that the planned development may have on that use.

We review all comments that we receive from First Nations. Forest Licensees have an obligation and commitment to review those comments and consider incorporating changes in the development plan to mitigate the impact of the identified traditional uses. This communication link is important in the relationship between forest licensees and the First Nations.

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